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Printed dreams

Hi guys,  So what are you doing this Sunday? Yesterday I left under the impression that today is Monday. A somehow cruel impression because who on Earth would let their subconscious think that ?  Times like this I glaze upon my little bunny and seing him so peaceful, without a care in the world..  He was quite mesmerized the other day when he saw me wearing this beautiful dress... he's a sucker for long dresses actually. It may be the fact that he can reach them, touch them and so on :). But indeed, my dress was/is gorgeous ! In fact, my whole outfit comes from the same wonderful place - Maison-Lab. They tend to have the upmost unique and affordable pieces from well known brands. I had even the chance to be present at the La Bottega x Maison-Lab online pop-up store launch, and let me tell you ... it was amazing ! :)

What I wore: - Guess by Marciano silk dress - Steve Maddenankle strap sandals  - Rocco Baroccosatchel bag

Really hope you like this look and I just can't wait to be b…

Play it cool

Hello sweeties, Oh I just feel like the house next door is getting renovated since forever 😤😤! I wish they could at least stop their noises at least in the weekend.. This project has been getting on my every nerve !  Well, at least the good part is that I can share with you a brand new outfit post every morning 😅 I'm positively sure you'll simply love this mix

What I wore: - Zaful romper - Tory Burch sandals - Mango bag
So, what do you think about this outfit post? Isn't that romper super cute and not to mention the Tory Burch sandals... super dreamy ! ^^

See you soon for a new outfit post ^^
Kisses, R.

What must I do?

Good morning, guys! First of all I would like to express my upmost sympathy and regrets for the people who lost their lives yesterday in the Barcelona attack. The thing that bugs me the most is that the Catalan authorities had intel of a presumed attack from both the CIA and warnings of the IS; still they didn't take extra measures and they left people out in the open like sheep for a starving wolf. Barcelona is an amazing city and I love it dearly; I've already been two times there and it's always packed with tourists. To be quite honest, I never felt the hospitality of Catalan people as they're 80% quite hostile and cold, rather mean to tourists on occasions. It's the experience I had. But even so, I feel bad the ones in charge avoid any warning whatsoever and left everything into the hands of faith. They always do that... at the end of the day the people who are subjected to these attacks are us, not the ones in charge, their families or their friends; just us,…

Mercedes-Benz GLA200d

Hi sweeties, Since I have some time on my hands this afternoon, I thought I'll delight you with a full article on the new Mercedes-Benz GLA200d that I had the pleasure to try out for a full week !  First of all, you have to understand that this "little" baby is a part of the SUV class, so definitely a very cool model to "play" with.

So, what to expect? I really loved what they did with the interior and of course, exterior design. Love the leather feel inside ( I am also a sucker for white interiors, so imagine how happy I was and what awesome pics you can take lol ), the ambient lights ( you can change the color even), the panoramic sunroof that you can also open.

With a 2.2 cm3 , you normally expect a high consumption, but I was really pleased to see it get a 5l/100km which was incredible ! Of course, you also have the four drive modes - Eco,Confort, Sport and Individual to better suit your driving style. P.S. You can also enjoy your High performance LED head…

Yellow, please !

Hi guys, I really hope you are having a fab week ! I saw they are forecasting some rain today,so pray they are wrong 💀Lately it feels like we're rehearsing for Fall... rain rain rain.. I simply had enough  Where are you guys going on vacation this winter? Btw, I'm back with a cool look today. It's something in between vacation, futuristic and retro.

What I wore: - Zaful two piece  - Missguided sandals - Botkier bag
What do you think about this look? P.S. Get 5$ off any $50 order at Zaful with this here code: ZAFULSALES1 I'm still tryin to make summer stay lol 👅
Kisses, R.


Good morning everyone !  Yesterday was a holiday here in Belgium and I thought to go and check out the flower carpet in Grand Place, which usually is in the actual location of the Square. Well, this year they've moved it somehow inside with an entry fee of 7€ (where normally is free). I mean 3€ would have been more than sufficient seing that normally the carpet was accessible to the public for free, but 7€?! I mean, come on... it's just for some flowers. A little bit over the top, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, enough about "business", let's get down to fashion and for that, I have a brand new outfit post instored for you today!

What I wore: - Zaful blazer - Zara basic - Zaful pants - Club Monaco laced up minerva sandals  - Mango bag
- Get 10%-20% off at Zaful with this code: ZafuIns -
What do you think about this cute look? Would it be something you'd wear ? See ya pretty soon ;) Kisses, R.

Summertime sadness - 2017 edition

Hello sweeties, The weather today is just dreadful... I mean, where did the summer pass by?😢😣 Today's outfit is not at all in connexion with what's going on outside, but a rather summer-ish look, an outfit I wore in a sunny day... 

What I wore: - RoseGal dress - Tommy Hilfiger wedged sandals - Sfera satchel  

Really hope you like the look, guys!  I think today will be more of cleaning the house rather than going outside ... Kisses, R.