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Fashion Killer

Hello, lovies! We had such a rainy day yesterday, so I wasn't able to post anything, and I still haven't heard back from my sponsor about the giveaway so boo! :(  But as busy as I have all my Mondays, I wanted to take some shoots and share with you the outfit I wore today, a chic and cool look that I absolutely love, featuring my Fashion Killer t-shirt from Choies and denim skirt from . A combo that I find so interesting, mainly cause I had my Zara nude heels that I recently bought from Spain to match with. :) Of course that the inspiration song is this one: 

What I wore:

- Choies t-shirt ( find it here)
- Lovelywholesale denim skirt
- Zara heels
- Mango purse
- River Island necklace

This was my outfit for today. I sure hope you like it and I can't wait to read all your comments and constructive critic. That being said, I must thank you for visiting my blog and wish you a wonderful day...what's left of it anyway! ^^  
Kisses, R.

The simple Life

Hello, loves! Yesterday I felt a bit under the weather, so I wasn't able to get out of bed, that's why you didn't get my promised post. Naturally I'm still aspecting word from my sponsor about the Giveaway, but seing that it's the weekend, I'll probably post the winner on Monday hopefully and I'll also give to those who entered a $30 coupon to shop at :) Today I went for a little walk close to home cause I'm not yet recovered 100%, that's why I wanted to keep even my outfit simple. That usually means flats and cute accessories. My lovely comfortable flats are from Wonders, a Spanish brand that I met recently while searching for the perfect walking flats. Their quality is extra, their shoes being made in Spain, so expect excellent lining and great fabric. In the accessories area, I just added some cute string bracelets along with a metal one to hold them on spot. The metal one is from Bijoux Chérie, an online boutique of original ethnic a…

Propuesta Indecente

Hi, guys! I'm still trying to deal with the change of climat and I'm quite happy that in Brussels the weather is fine at the time, helping me re-accommodating myself back home :). I have a million things to do, but at least I had the chance to unpack and shoot some pics of today's outfit. I went to pick up my attestation from the photography school. It's the first one I have in Belgium ( I'm proud even though it's not something waw, to big).  Anyway, I would like to share the pics of the outfit I wore today in a very Romeo-Santos-Propuesta-Indecente style. I know that style doesn't exist, but I just made it up lol. My super cute fuchsia shirt dress from Yoyomelody really did the trick. It's so sexy and cool! The fabric is very good as well. And I know I have to announce the winner of the Giveaway, but I'll do that tomorrow, as soon as I have word from my sponsor. The good news is that I would like to give you a $10 coupon to buy from their magnificent…

Triangl in Palma de Mallorca II

Hi, guys! I have well arrived at home, after a 3 hour delay that I thought it will never end. I believe that if you were traveling today or, for that matter, any other day until the 29th,  you had or will endure the same craziness of what an air strike. But I had an awesome vacation, so I didn't let it get to me...  I'm still a bit nostalgic of the time spent there so I would love to share with you some photos of yesterday that I took at the beach. It was a windy day with such big waves, but I had my awesome swimsuit from Triangl on, so I think it kept me quite cozy to say so because it's made from a quality fabric, making sure that your body temperature stays warm, the same effect that a diver suit has. :)

What I wore: - Triangl swimsuit ( find it here) - Sacha sunnies
So, I think this is it, my last look from Palma. It's true, it's beachwear to say so, but I love to pose in swimwear every time I can. Must leave you know, my eyes are closing ! :S Kisses, R.

With Triangl in Palma de Mallorca

Hi, guys! Hope you're having a sunny day like I am. The holidays seem to pass so quick. It feels like I just arrived yesterday and the fact that I have to return to cloudy Brussels tomorrow doesn't feel so good. But hey, I'm glad I came in the first place and I reconcile with the thought that the sales period is just around the corner. I just can't wait to take advantage of all the great deals to come. Until then, I leave you with some pics of my awesome Triangl swimsuit that I had instored for this vacation... one of the swimsuits nevertheless :)

What I wore: - Triangl swimsuit ( find it here)
I know that I don't have the most beautiful bust in the Univers, but I want as well to show women everywhere that they must be proud of their body, no matter their cup size ;) Hope you like the swimsuit. I must add that it's made from neoprene so it's a quality piece for the summer. Kisses, R.

Drunk in Love

Hi, sweeties! I believe there's nothing more beautiful than a sunset at the sea side. I wanted to take advantage of the lovely soft light and took a few shots in my gorgeous integrated bandage cloth swimsuit from CelebinDress that is absolutely fabulous and I simply love it !!  Of course, my inspiration song is Beyonce's Drunk in Love tune ! Nothing would go better with this mood and sexy look. I wanted to take the pose to another level and go campaign style, with accessories and hard make-up :

What I wore: - Celebindress swimsuit ( find it here) - Bershka accessories
Rock the summer with an awesome swimsuit. Dare to be different <3 Also, I imagine that it can be worn as a top ( I'll show you when I get home ) Have to leave you now. Have a million things to do. Still on vacation, remember ? :) Kisses, R. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY !! Just click on the banner to be redirected :

Holidays in the air

Hi, guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm so caught up here with the sea and sun that I didn't quite have to much time to post much. However, today I would like to share with you an outfit that I find perfect for a sunny destination, in case any of you plan a quick getaway. The main piece of my look are of course, my flat sandals from Lovelywholesale. I find them so different and cool, the perfect comfy shoes for long walks.

What I wore: -Lovelywholesale flat sandals ( find them here) - Zara dress shirt - Mango purse - Guess hat - Zara sunnies

The only thing I would have like to change about the shoes is the size, seing that they run a bit low, so I think I should have chosen a size up. Other than that, I can say that they are quite comfy and they don't have that awful sole that kills your feet when walking to much !
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