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Trend alert: Caged shoes! My pick: Sacha shoes.

Hello, my dears! Another day has gone by and summer feels just around the conner.  On today's fashion topic, I have as main subject one of my favorite trends: the caged shoes. Day by day, I see this particular shoe design (and not only), taking proportions. I don't know if it's my latin roots to blame (seeing this trend as a gladiator/ roman inspired style) or that I've encountered it at many well known designers as Versace, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra or even Jimmy Choo, but I must say that they really got to me. 
Image source: Shoe Snob
Now as you all know, I own a pair of Versace heels similar to those above. I've purchased them during my trip in Milan. But what about finding a pair on the more accessible market? Well, I don't know about you, but I found my perfect pair down at Sacha's. I didn't know the store before, but when I first moved to Brussels, I was delighted to find a store that would fulfill my pretentious needs when it comes to shoes…

OOTD: Touch of Fuchsia

Greetings, loves! Today I saw in my closet a cute fuchsia jacket that I never had worn, so although it was a bit chilly outside, I've styled it up and took it for a spin around town. I had some errands to do, so luckily I took the car and I wasn't that cold. It's so unfair! In Romania we have like 30 degrees and here only 10 and cloudy..and rainy... :(
I have a really busy week.. in 2h I have to be at the dentist. brrr! But, you must tune in cause I have a lot of special posts coming your way these days! :) Anyway, here are the photos and if you like to see spoilers as well as exclusive photos, you must follow me on Facebook or Instagram ! Also, I will do shortly a "shop my closet " section, where I'm gonna sale some clothes that I am not wearing or that are not fitted for me anymore :).

What I wore: - Versace heels ( similar ones here) - Zara skirt - Bershka corset - Jennyfer jacket ( similar here ) - YSL clutch ( same one here) - Blanco earrings - Zara belt


AbHair. Have long hair quick and cool!

Hello, my dears!
I hope you had an awesome weekend and that your new week will be easy ! :)
On today topic, I have something so cool to share with you guys. Now I know that you are dreaming of that long lovely hair for this summer, but it's so hard to grow, right? And you know girls, if they have long hair, they want it short and the other way around! So, what to do? Well, the most simple and quick solution are of course, hair extensions!
Personally I love the clip-ons. They don't damage your own hair, they are quick to apply, style and even dye. Now, to find a trust-worthy site could be a bit demanding as well. Luckily for you, the bloggers can help ! :)

Now, I had a pair of hair extensions (clip-ons), from this amazing online site called AbHair. The prices are democratic, the quality is excellent and you have the chance to get that long hair that you always wanted!

Feeling in a "artistic mood" in a hairstylist kinda way, I thought I'd apply them on my aunt's hai…

OOTD: That blue hat.

Hello, my dears!
I hope you had a lovely day.. Here the bad weather is back and sadly, we went from 24 degrees to 6! Now that's a boomer :(! I was waiting to switch for good to light spring/summer clothes, but now I think I will just have to wait.
Anyway, even though I had a super busy day, I managed to shoot my outfit that I wore this afternoon. I hope you like it and I can't wait to see your comments ^^
For me, it's back to work... 

What I wore:
- Bershka ankle boots
- Zara shorts
- Mango sweater
- W.E. jacket
- Sachahat
- New Look backpack

Thank you so much guys for reading my blog and it gives me such great joy to see that what I've started as a hobby, transformed me into a better person, a more disciplined and organized one for that matter, and I had the chance to come across a lot of opportunities and projects... I met new people, new challenges... In one word, it changed my life. :)Well, that being said, I wish you an amazing weekend and see u soon!Kisses, R. P.S. Don'…

Evening stroll. Sacha pumps and Asos clutch

Hi, guys! Most of you are probably happy that the end of the week is here. For me Friday brings a busy day this time. I'm currently seeing my desk full of papers that I have to solve asap, as well as 2 big meetings. So, "yey" the weekend is here :). Well, I won't be a spoiled little girl and complain to much. I did in fact, had two vacations before all this, so I'm ok with catching up, even if this means loosing so much of the weekend. Anyway, I thought I'd share today some photos that I took a couple of days ago, when I went out on a lovely Spring evening just to have a cup of hot chocolate (my fave), and a little walk. So, here is my casual outfit

What I wore: - Sacha pumps (similar here) - Mango skirt ( loving this one) - Mango sweater - Asos clutch

I must leave you for now cause I have tons of things to do... At least I'm not missing much outside, as it is raining..(makes me wanna sleep lol) Oh, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram cause between my littl…

Loving velvet. Fuchsia velvet.

Good afternoon, my dears! I know that normally I had to publish the photos of my lovely dress from DresseStylist, but I'm still waiting for the watermarked photos. ^^ Instead, I wanted to share with you guys my outfit that I wore today in the town just for a little walk to enjoy a sunny day. I wanted to be more glam this time as I went to the famous Avenue Louise where you feel like crossing the line into another world, like Monaco, where everyone is so well dressed. But anyway, wanting to mingle into the crowed, I saw the perfect opportunity to wear my latest Christian Louboutins (bought at Smets) and my lovely fuchsia D&G velvet dress.

What I wore: - Christian Louboutin filo pumps ( from Smets store) - D&G fuchsia velvet dress - H&M clutch - Zara belt - Bershka bracelet 

So this is the outfit that I wore today. I know I haven't been around much, but now I won't be leaving for a couple of months, so my presence here will be mandatory ^^ Thank you so much for visiting m…